Frequently Asked Questions

Force Multiplier Website

If you wish, you can keep your current domain name or we can suggest a personalized domain name for you. Your new Force Multiplier website is designed with pages, content (text and images), and functionality to enhance the return on your investment into this system. This means that your Force Multiplier website will contain content proven to deliver results. We will work with you to determine the most appropriate existing website content to bring to your new Force Multiplier website.

Yes, agents that are a part of a team will need to get their own individual website. The Force Multiplier Package is designed to build a personal brand and set individual agents up with personalized marketing messages and meaningful interactions with online leads. An agent working for an agency may use Force Multiplier with the agency’s understanding that the agency’s logo or brand will not be represented on the individual agent’s Force Multiplier website.

Yes. Aetna sponsored YOU to participate in this program, but allowed the team at Force Multiplier the freedom to help you build YOUR personal brand as an independent agent. Aetna realizes that a rising tide lifts all boats, and if you are getting more opportunities from the web, Aetna will benefit. Aetna has made one request—that you list them prominently. A list created  in alphabetical order usually fulfills this request.

Your Force Multiplier website is a software provided to you as a service, meaning you essentially ‘rent’ it from Force Multiplier. The same is true of your domain UNLESS you buy the domain yourself and pay the yearly fee to maintain it. If you have a domain that you already own, we can use that domain, and you retain the domain if you ever leave the program.

The best way for edits to be made on the website is to submit a support ticket within your Force Multiplier app. At this time, we don’t plan to allow users access to edit their sites.

You can send change requests by submitting a support ticket from your Force Multiplier app.

Although the Force Multiplier product is designed to passively and organically generate leads using search engine optimization tactics such as optimized content on your website, cross-linking, 3rd-party credibility, and Google Business Profile to rank higher on Google searches, it can be a slow process to gain consistent leads. However, there are things YOU can do to increase lead generation to your site. Even though Force Multiplier subscription does not include enhanced lead-generation services, the system has been designed to work with other online and offline strategies. Email drip campaigns, direct mail, landing pages, GoogleAds, and other forms of paid advertising can be incorporated into your marketing plan while using your Force Multiplier to capture and organize leads, scheduling, and your marketing/sales pipeline.

The phone number on your website is what we call your Force Multiplier Marketing Number. We understand that the number doesn’t match your business office number, and that’s okay. The phone number on your website is correct and is in place to help you. Your Force Multiplier Marketing Number, when used to contact you, triggers Force Multiplier’s preset automation that is built and customized for you.

Calls made to your Force Multiplier Marketing Number forward directly to your mobile device. You can choose to answer the call or allow it to go to voicemail. 

For those who opt in for our Mobile Messaging Automation service, if you allow the call to go to voicemail, it will automatically trigger our automations which allow the lead to set up an appointment with you via SMS. You will see this appointment appear automatically on your calendar. 

The best way to learn how these automations work is to try it out yourself. Use a different phone (not your own) to call your Force Multiplier Marketing Number. When your phone rings, let it go to voicemail. Then, you will be able to interact with the SMS automation. Check your Force Multiplier app and you will see that a new contact has populated. You will even be able to listen to your own voice message!

Force Multiplier App

Your Force Multiplier app works with Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and iCal. When you sync your calendar to the Force Multiplier app, the app identifies and eliminates your pre-existing calendar events from the system’s lead appointment scheduler. Custom settings within the app allow you to set time, day, and week availability parameters so you can manage appointment-setting to fit your work schedule.

When you use a calendar connected to the Force Multiplier App, the app automatically checks your calendar for conflicts and will not allow a lead to book a call back at a time when you have another appointment scheduled.

The Force Multiplier app provides automation which is built into your website. This automation is designed to take prospects directly from filling out your web form to scheduling an appointment to talk to you. The app also provides a tracking number so the Force Multiplier team can monitor the success of our efforts, as well as send automated texts to calls that you can’t immediately answer. 

Since this program is sponsored by Aetna, the only cost to you is credits which will pay for texts, voice minutes (which are recorded in the system) and emails. The costs are nominal, and billed in $10 increments. These credits should last for quite a while, especially in the early stages. 

Mobile Messaging Automation

You will need to be verified and approved to utilize this portion of the Force Multiplier app. You will need to initiate this process yourself. There is a $20 fee you will need to pay to go through the process. 

As you go through the process, you will be asked to provide your: 

  1. Employee Identification Number (EIN)
  2. Legal Business Name exactly as it appears in the EIN listing 
  3. Business Street Address exactly as it appears in the EIN listing 
  4. Business Phone Number exactly as it appears in the EIN listing 
  5. Business Classification i.e., LLC, Corp., Partnership, etc.
  6. Your Job Position

Phone recording

You may keep your existing phone recording service. In fact, if you already have an existing phone service, we encourage you to keep it because it serves not just your leads, but your existing customers. Force Multiplier is designed to nurture leads and will record your interactions with them when they use your Force Multiplier Marketing Number. Your existing phone recording service will assist you in keeping the required records necessary for maintaining and serving your existing clients.

Messages and recordings are kept indefinitely within the Force Multiplier app, or until you decide to delete them.

At this time, no. Messages can only be downloaded one at a time.

Facebook & Google Business Profile

No. Force Multiplier is an organic digital marketing platform. Organic means we drive visitors to your site through content and engagement, not paid advertising. Paid Facebook ads and campaigns can be added to your package for an additional cost.

Your Force Multiplier Marketing Number presented on your website should be the same number presented across all of your digital assets (Google Business Profile, Facebook Page, etc). This is because consistency of your contact information is important for search engine optimization which will help to increase ranking over time.

Additionally—for tracking purposes—if people are calling you because they found you online, and this is the only phone number listed for you online, then we know first contact from this number is a result of your digital marketing efforts. 

Adding additional phone numbers will impair the trust search engines have for your listing and will muddy the waters with tracking client acquisition. 

How to Create a Business Profile on Google

To guide you through this process, we recommend utilizing the Google Small Business Advisor service*, available to you directly from Google for just $39.99. Follow the link below to schedule your appointment, and select Google Business Profile as the product to discuss. Don’t forget to check the Get Started box when prompted.

*Please note, if you’ve faced rejection or suspension after applying for a Google Business Profile, the Advisor may not be able to provide assistance or support with troubleshooting.

Senior Financial Spotlight

The interview should feel like a friendly conversation with someone who desires to learn more about you and your business. You will want to dress professionally and be mindful of your surroundings. You can download our complete Senior Financial Spotlight interview checklist here.

Office hours

Office Hours are open forums where the Force Multiplier team educates attendees on how to use the system, why the system was designed the way that it was, and answers questions you may have about the program. Active Force Multiplier agents will receive an email with the date, time, and Zoom link.

Session length depends on how many people are in attendance at the Office Hours events. Generally, Office Hours last 30 minutes.